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The Gloriously Caloric Fair Food

By March 26, 2018Attractions



Whether it’s Dad’s turn to cook or Mom is simply too tired to slave over a hot stove to feed her unruly brood dinner, load up the car and take the short drive out to the fair grounds to sample some of the best fair food around. Billy can have his pizza, Bobby Sue can have her corn dog, and Mom and Dad can have some scrumptious church lady chicken & noodles and pie.  Here’s the menu:

Methodist Church Booth- Chicken & Noodles, taco salads, homemade pie

Trinity United Christian Church Booth- Bierocks, sloppy joes, homemade pie

*NEW*-Kandy’s Koffee-Hot & Iced Coffee, Fruit Smoothies

Los Toritos Whatever Wagon-Homemade Mexican

Parsnipty Cafe-Lumpia

D’Marios- Pizza

Cheney Recreation- hamburgers/brats

D&J Pronto Pup- Corn Dogs

Delano 4-H Club-Sno Cones

Osssman Concessions- Roasted Corn & Limeades/Lemonades

WSCA- Hamburgers/hotdogs

Squat & Gobble- BBQ

Black Sheep Kettle Corn

Kolanders Concessions-Cowboy Cheesesteak

Aussie Cakes-Funnel Cakes, Onion Blossoms, Navajo Taco

Cotton Candy Dreams